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Teaching Experience

Dr. Hedayat has taught undergraduate level courses at Purdue Uniersity in statics, mechanics of materials, soil mechanics, soil mechanics laboratory, foundations, civil engineering materials laboratory, and senior design.

Current Courses

CEEN 311: Mechanics of Materials

Fundamentals of stresses and strains, material properties including axial, torsional, bending, and combined loadings. Stress at a point; stress transformations and Mohr’s circle for stress; beam deflections, thin-wall pressure vessels, columns and buckling, and stress concentrations


CEEN 350: Civil and Construction Materials 

This course deals with the nature and performance of civil engineering materials and evaluation of their physical and mechanical properties. This course focuses on materials used in construction and maintenance of building and infrastructure such as metals (steel and aluminum), aggregates, Portland cement, concrete, asphalt, wood and composites. The course covers standards describing materials and tests for determining material properties and includes a lab component where students conduct tests, analyze the resulting data, and prepare technical reports. Laboratory tests include evaluation of behavior of civil engineering materials under a wide range of conditions.


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